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I Want a Large TiVo with Lots of Recording Time:

Following these guides you should wind up with a large TiVo (85 - 340 hrs) in about 1-2 hours. These instructions function for all U.S. and U.K. makes/models/series of standalone TiVo's and DirecTV/TiVo combo units (referred to as DirecTiVo's for this document) and are 11 step upgrade programs from purchase to celebration. Remember, you are hacking your TiVo and there are no guarantees of the utilities or instructions provided. For those wanting an effortless upgrade, there are Upgrade Kits available for simple drop-in install (no PC needed – all software is pre-loaded and tested – just drop-in the new drive) to increase your recording capacity within minutes. We would like to thank WeaKnees, the TiVo Superstore, for hosting a TiVo upgrade forum for our products.


Select your preferred instructions below to perform your upgrade:



1) New Hinsdale-How-To featuring Tiger’s Mfs Tools 2.0 as an all-in-one upgrade solution.


The How-To documentation and utilities provided here encompass the most current and tested TiVo upgrade methods available to date. The documentation is kept current on a daily basis and provides instruction for upgrading any TiVo currently available.



2) New Hinsdale-Upgrade Kits and Service featuring plug'n'play recording capacity upgrades.


For those uncomfortable using the How-To's, having difficulty, or not wishing to do the upgrade themselves: Upgrade Service and Kits are available with no PC required. You can order a pre-configured Upgrade Kit for your model TiVo that you simply plug-in to expand recording capacity within minutes or you can ship your unit for Full Upgrade service. Recovery/repair for failing units or failed upgrades is also available. We now have replacement TiVo Fans and replacement TiVo Remote Controls for most TiVo models (all brands).


3) New Hinsdale-Complete Upgraded TiVo DVRs stock, and with capacity upgrades installed and tested.


For those looking to acquire a new TiVo with extra capacity already installed, we are now offering these units. We also offer stock TiVo DVRs direct from the factory with no capacity upgrade, either for use with self-install kits (see above) or for use with secondary televisions. Three models of TiVos are in stock for same day or next business day shipping.


4) Original Hinsdale-How-To featuring TiVoMad, BlessTiVo, and Mfs Tools 1.1.


The How-To documentation and utilities provided here have been subjected to thorough testing and review by thousands of upgraders with success. However, the utilities and documentation in this How-To are not kept up-to-date with most current utilities and limits upgrade options for some upgrade configurations.


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Good troubleshooting help is available in the TiVo Forums.